Cute Kaneki appreciation post~


You're 100 years too early to be thinking of beating Rakuzan! | q271
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"I’m sorry. I got an errand to run today."

"Something is definitely wrong with Rei-chan!"

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10 Days of SNK | Day 4: A character you relate to -> Mikasa Ackerman

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Me::I'll sleep early tonight and get a good 8 hours
Me::*watches entire season of tv show*
Me::*reads every book i own*
Me::*goes on quest to find the holy grail*
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"This is Mr. Uta, who will make you your mask." 

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“what is this.. pain in my chest?”

said the shoujo manga character after knowing someone for 2 days

“what is this.. pain in my butt?”

said the yaoi manga character after two chapters

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Yamazaki Sosuke (*´∀`*).


Yamazaki Sosuke (*´∀`*).

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A butler's morning begins early, he must start work before 
anyone else.
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tsukiyama’s interactions with hinami from ch 88 onward are really cute please look forward to it image

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"Well, if I'm a monster what does that make you?"
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